Hamlet in Raimondo’s Castle (from Shakespeare)

Hamlet in Raimondo’s Castle (from Shakespeare)

Montecuccoli Tower, Pavullo and Monteceneri Tower, Lama Mocogno, Modena, Italy

This site-specific Hamlet summer project was held at two historical locations, very different spatially, a remodeled castle that normally functioned as a museum hall and a multi-level medieval tower near Modena, Italy. I directed Act III in a postmodern experimental way: for instance, the dialogue between Hamlet and the Queen (scene 4) occurred three times, in separate versions that spanned the range between ironic detachment and intense emotional involvement. Overall, my interpretation of the whole act derived by a sense that every character is constantly under surveillance and every scene is being watched by someone else within the world of the play. For the same project, I appeared as one of the play-within-the play masked actors.



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